How to Resort Dive

For a fun and safe resort dive you must follow some very simple rules.

The main things to remember during your resort dive are as follows – always breathe normally; make sure you’re ears are comfortable; and stay close to your qualified Scuba Dive Instructor.

Simply by listening to a brief resort scuba talk and following the directions given to you will ensure a memorable underwater experience that will leave you wanting more!

Your Resort Dive Scuba Instructor will give you a briefing outlining your equipment, how to equalise air spaces underwater and any special considerations regarding the location or particular resort dive you’re doing.

Other things that will be covered are communication underwater and the types of marine life you can expect to encounter.

lion fish Great Barrier Reef Australia
Great Barrier Reef lion fish

Some people learn how to resort dive in a few minutes and take to the sport like a fish in water!

Others find it quite daunting at first.

You can expect the first few breaths that you take underwater not to feel normal.

As human beings our basic instincts naturally tell us that we shouldn’t breathe underwater.

By taking your time and adjusting to the environment at your own pace, you will adapt to the new sensations of scuba diving.

As with all things, you must allow yourself time to practice.

While learning how to resort dive, you will be required to complete some easy underwater skills to ensure that you have a safe and fun scuba diving experience.

These include equalising the air spaces inside your ears, demonstrating that you can clear any water that enters your mask out and demonstrating that you can clear any water that enters your mouthpiece out.

By learning some easy ‘how to resort dive skills’, your comfort underwater will increase.

Once you have completed any required skills, you’re eligible to join a guided resort dive under the close supervision of a qualified Scuba Dive Instructor.

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How to choose a Resort Dive

When choosing a resort diving operator, consider the group size to Scuba Instructor ratio.

Smaller group sizes will ensure you get the most out of your experience and provide a fun and safe first resort dive.

Generally, a ratio no bigger than 4 students to 1 instructor is advised. Certain companies offer personalised resort dive tours.

Clear water is also recommended for your first resort dive, whether it is in a swimming pool or in the calm shelter of a ‘barrier’ reef.

Select a company that you trust.

Respectable agencies such as SSI and PADI offer resort dive tours all over the world, but the most important consideration is that you feel comfortable with the Dive Instructor leading you on your underwater tour.

Website recommendations, tour booking agents and locals are a great way to source a Resort Dive that suits your needs.

Australia’s  Great Barrier Reef

introductory resort scuba dive
scuba dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds foremost Resort Diving centre, offering wonderful scuba diving experiences in a marine lovers paradise.

With crystal clear waters, sheltered barrier reef lagoons bursting with fish and the world highest safety standards for resort diving – it’s easy to see why!

The city of Cairns is a popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelers alike.

A picturesque city surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and located closer to the pristine Outer Barrier Reefs than elsewhere along the coastline, Cairns is the ideal place to learn how to resort dive.

Day tours offer incredible underwater scuba opportunities for those who wish to try a resort dive, and no prior experience is necessary.

Liveaboard reef tours offer scuba enthusiasts longer time to learn how to resort dive, with opportunity to enrol on a full Open Water Dive Course and acquire a diving license.

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Can anyone learn how to do resort dive?

Anyone over the age of 12 and medically fit for scuba activities may participate in a ‘how to resort dive’ class.

You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to any scuba diving activities and from this, your Scuba Dive Instructor will assess your eligibility to go resort diving.

There are some medical conditions that may prevent you from being allowed to scuba dive, even if you are currently fit.

These include, but are not limited to; asthma, epilepsy, history of lung conditions or heart conditions. Some medications may also prevent you from being able to go scuba diving.

If unsure about any medication or medical condition, please check with the dive company prior to booking your trip, to avoid disappointment on the day.

If you have a prior or existing medical condition or medication that is contrary to scuba diving, you may be required to acquire a medical certificate from a diving doctor – to be presented to your Dive Instructor on the first day of your tour.