What is a Resort dive?

What is a resort dive? Scuba diving is the best way to explore the underwater world; resort dives allow you to try a scuba dive without a licence.

If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive but haven’t taken any lessons or become certified, resort diving may be the right option.

You don’t need prior experience with resort scuba diving to begin exploring the world below the water’s surface.

While under the guidance and supervision of a dive instructor at a dive resort, you can take part in an unforgettable adventure that even your children can join.

What is needed to resort dive?

Introduction to resort scuba diving can be done in a pool, from a beach, on a reef day tour or a liveaboard dive tour.

To begin introductory resort dive lessons, you often need to complete a simple medical questionnaire to ensure you’re fit enough to participate.

Next, your scuba dive instructor will discuss the equipment and basics of scuba diving, such as clear your mask and water safety.

Some locations require you to practice in a pool before entering open water. In contrast, others will let you dive right in after receiving instructions under the watchful eye of a professional scuba diving instructor.

During resort dive trips, you’ll take multiple dives to make the most of your limited time on your vacation.*

Resort Diving Requirements

About anyone can resort dive as long as they’re physically able to do so; however, a few requirements must be met to participate in resort diving.

Even if you’re physically fit, you may not be able to resort dive, if you take certain medications or have medical conditions. And, to resort scuba dive, you must be able to swim.

Most travel locations require a child to be over the age of 12, so be sure to check with your resort if you’re planning on diving with your family.

After you’ve learned the basics of scuba diving and your instructor feels you’re ready to dive, there are many diving expeditions to choose from.

Depending on the dive boat, you can take expedition dives, night dives, wreckage dives, Reef dives and much more.

Resort scuba diving is the ideal way to explore the world below.

Resort dive travel locations are the perfect way to get up close and personal with sea life of all kinds.

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